A beautiful smile says a lot about the person wearing it. If you have major or minor imperfections that you’d like to correct, 12 South Dental Studio can offer a variety of services to help improve the appearance of your smile.

​​We strive to preserve your natural tooth structure and improve your smile by using a wide variety of treatment options. We provide tooth whitening, traditional and DuraThin No-Prep veneers, composite bonding, full and partial crowns, implants and bridges. From simple to complex, we can treat all your cosmetic needs. For patients seeking a smile makeover, we begin with the Smile Design process.

Smile Design Process

​At 12 South Dental Studio, we believe a cosmetic "smile makeover" takes thorough planning to provide the proper, conservative treatment that will keep you smiling for years. In fact, the planning process is often the most crucial step of the entire cosmetic "smile makeover."

We begin all smile transformation processes by listening to your desires and goals for your smile.​​​​​​ Are you unhappy with the size, shape, color, or overall appearance of your teeth? Do you have gaps or missing teeth you'd like to change? Are you concerned about mismatched crowns or discolored fillings? We'll spend time in our consultation room gathering feedback from you about the treatment and improvements you'd like to make.

Photography and Diagnostic Models
Modern cosmetic dentistry uses digital photography to open the doors of communication between the patient and dental team. We take a series of photographs of your teeth and smile which will be used in a computer program to begin the design process. These allow us to plan tooth size and contours before your teeth are ever touched. Diagnostic models allow Dr. Baese to plan every detail of the transformation process and ensure complete satisfaction.

Finally, we use these photos and models to communicate our expectations with the dental labs and other specialist partnering in the process.

Before we begin any treatment, prototypes will be built for patients to literally "try-on" their new smiles. These prototypes are directly applied onto the patients' teeth with tooth-colored composite bonding to plan the final outcome of your smile makeover. By doing this we can invite you to become part of the process, giving feedback on every aspect of your new smile before any final treatment is given. A model of these prototypes will then be sent to the dental labs so that your smile can be created in a durable and highly aesthetic porcelain.

Final Bonding and Engineering Check
A high level of detail should be given to this step to ensure a long-lasting smile. After the teeth are properly cleaned and prepared, your final restorations will be bonded with a high strength cement. Once restoration are in place, final adjustment will be refined to ensure proper function and long-lasting durability. In most cases, we will recommend a custom night-time appliance to protect your cosmetic investment.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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Conveniently located in the heart of 12South, near downtown Nashville, our office is always at the forefront of dental methods and technology to help create beautiful and long lasting, natural smiles. We're committed to providing affordable and quality dental care to our patients while maintaining a friendly and relaxed environment.

Dr. Jon Baese is your Nashville dentist that provides crowns, teeth cleaning, tooth extractions, teeth whitening, dental implants, pediatric dentistry, invisible braces, and so much more. ​​We are happy to file all dental insurances as a service to our guests.
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